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How to Face and Conquer a Scary Financial Situation

Halloween is coming up, and instead of being frightened by ghosts and goblins, many people are scared to face difficult financial situations in their lives. Maybe you’ve heard, time and time again, that you need to get your credit report or check your FICO credit score, but you’re too afraid to see what they look

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9 Ways to Cut Spending For Real!

Saving money can be particularly tough on one or even two income households in today’s economy.  But there are many money-saving strategies that can boost your bank account and help you save a few hundred dollars per month. Here are some ideas: 1. Save on Your Current Housing Some of the ways you can cut

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PAYDAY LOANS! 7 Ways to Get Rid of Them Now

Payday loans are a huge financial burden—and actually illegal in most states because of their predatory lending practices. If you’ve ever gone to a payday lender online or at a local store, you may now find yourself in a cycle that seems nearly impossible to break. But it is possible to eliminate those payday loans