Serena williams

Serena Williams: Giving Birth Will Make Her A ‘Real Woman’

by Shantell E. Jamison   Aug 10, 2017

Serena Williams may be everyone’s favorite tennis star on the court, but some recent remarks has a few folks looking at the pro athlete... Read More

Black Lives Matter Wants You to Know That #BlackMothersMatter

Black Lives Matter Wants You to Know That #BlackMothersMatter

by Shantell E. Jamison   May 12, 2017

Black Lives Matter wants you to know that #BlackMothersMatter! The social justice and advocacy movement’s New York branch is inviting residents to participate in... Read More


The Backlash to Beyoncé’s Pregnancy Is an Example of the Attack on Black Motherhood

by Gloria Malone   Feb 06, 2017

Beyonce announced her pregnancy via Instagram on the first day of Black History Month to—almost—everyone’s delight. But just as quickly as the of joy,... Read More

black mothers

Black Maternal Health Matters

by Josie Pickens   Sep 21, 2016

I barely survived giving birth to my daughter. In fact, both of us barely survived. My little one, just 25 weeks old and weighing... Read More

Eighteen black mothers wonder if hospital stole their babies

Black Mothers Suspect Hospital of Stealing Babies

by The Grio   May 04, 2015

Eighteen Black women who were told decades ago that their babies had died soon after birth at a St. Louis hospital now wonder if... Read More

Black Breastfeeding Week

Why a Black Breastfeeding Week is Necessary

by #teamEBONY   Aug 27, 2013

The news had not been posted for two hours before the brouhaha began on Facebook. Yesterday, myself and two of my comrades in the... Read More

101 Years Old and Doing Her Thing: Daisy McFadden

101 Years Old and Doing Her Thing: Daisy McFadden

by Melanie Yvette   May 11, 2012

Having the honor to sit and talk with a woman like Daisy McFadden is a rare, and most likely once-in-a-lifetime experience. As we go... Read More

MAMA’S BEAUTY TIPS: Readers Share All

MAMA’S BEAUTY TIPS: Readers Share All

by Kimberly Walker   May 11, 2012

Little Black girls learn best beauty practices from mama, first! Their makeup tips and skincare tricks are unrivaled. My mother changed my regimen forever... Read More



by #teamEBONY   May 09, 2012

To celebrate the lives of mothers who have given their all and are doing the work of raising young Black men, here are nine... Read More

The Lover’s Rocque: Mother Number Two

The Lover's Rocque: Mother Number Two

by The Lovers Rocque   Mar 07, 2012

My mother has always filled the role of "most important woman in my life". She’s the one who gave birth to me and, as... Read More