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Image of two young Black adults using their cell phones.

Black People Built Social Media, But We’re The Least Protected Across Platforms

Tech platforms and come and go, but the struggles of being Black online will continue unless we stand up for the necessary change.

dear white people

Dear White People Vol. 2: Twitter Fingers, the Alt-Right and Integration (REVIEW)

There’s a certain weight you have to carry as a Black person or a member…

Black Twitter Calls Out ‘TODAY’ for Whitewashed Queen Nefertiti Bust

In honor of Black History Month, The TODAY Show recently aired a segment revealing what…

The Hottest Bro-Rompers for Men to Rock!

Bro-Rompers are rompers for men and officially the hottest fashion trend of the summer. Check out the latest from this new trend.

Black Twitter

Watch ‘The Daily Show’ Hilariously Explain Black Twitter

If you’re not on Twitter, chances are you still know about what’s popping on the…

missing black girls

Black Celebs Urge Police, Media to Cover Missing Black Girls

Unless you’ve been following the story on social media, chances are you may not have heard about…

Black Love and #WeMetOnTwitter Are a Hit!

At which point are we going to stop saying, “It’s just social media?” Relationships of…

New Edition Story Feature Image BET

4 Questions We Have After Watching ‘The New Edition Story’

The highly anticipated miniseries, The New Edition Story, made its debut last night and man,…

Black Twitter’s Final Act During The Obama Era

Black Twitter has won so much this year already, that we know great things are…