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The Sex-Positive Black Woman

I am a “sex-positive” Black woman, and I believe that the sexual empowerment of Black women is essential. Sex-positivity is a movement that celebrates consensual, safer sex and the multiple facets of human sexuality as natural, empowering experiences. As Black women have a complex, unique history of sexual oppression, from the rape of our enslaved

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[WATCH] The Peculiar Kind:Women of Color Telling Their Own Stories

When I first watched Episode 1 of The Peculiar Kind, a new web series exploring unscripted conversations with queer women of color, I smiled with pride as finally non-heterosexual women of color were getting a chance to share their lives and shine. The filmmakers, Alexis Casson and Mursi Layne, are black lesbian creative partners, who


MAD FREE: Intimate Talk AboutBlack Women’s Image, Beauty, and,Yes Honey, Power

It is with unspeakable delight that I present MAD Free: Liberating Conversations About Our Image, Beauty and Power to We are taking our conversation global, connecting and claiming our freedom with as many sisters and interested people as possible. Each week during Women’s History Month, we’ll show key segments of the live conversations focusing

Black Listed

“Complex, But Vulnerable”: New Survey Explores Black Women’s Self-Image

Rich or poor, educated or not, black women sometimes feel as though myths are stalking them like shadows, their lives reduced to a string of labels. The angry black woman. The strong black woman. The unfeeling black woman. The manless black woman. “Black women haven’t really defined themselves,” says author Sophia Nelson, who urges her

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