Raye Montague, Hidden Figure, Arkansas

Arkansas’ ‘Hidden Figure’ Raye Montague Dies at 83

by Teddy Grant   Oct 16, 2018

Arkansas’ own “hidden figure” who worked as an engineer for the U.S. Navy and was seen as a leader for women of color in... Read More

Claudine Gay, Michelle A. Williams, Bridget Long, Tomiko Brown, Black women, Harvard university

For the First Time, Black Women Will Run Four Schools at Harvard University

by Teddy Grant   Aug 08, 2018

Aug. 15, 2018, will mark a historic day for Harvard University. For the first time, four of its schools will be led by Black... Read More

Walter Carr, car, 20 miles, Alabama college student

Alabama College Student Walks Over 20 Miles for First Day of Work, Boss Gives Him a Car

by Teddy Grant   Jul 18, 2018

A Birmingham, Alabama college student for the surprise of his life when he received a car from his boss on the first day of... Read More

14-Year-Old, high school, college

14-Year-Old Boy Graduates from High School and College on the Same Day (VIDEO)

by Teddy Grant   May 31, 2018

A 14-year-old Georgia boy graduated from high school and college on the same day, Atanta’s Fox 5 reports. Matthew McKenzie has been gifted since... Read More

Dikembe Mutombo, NBA Awards

Dikembe Mutombo to be Honored at NBA Awards for Humanitarian Work in Congo

by Teddy Grant   May 23, 2018

Hall of Famer Dikembe Mutombo will be honored with the Sager Strong Award at the NBA Awards on TNT, Turner and the NBA announced... Read More

This #BlackFriday, Pick Up Your Deck of #BlackExcellence Playing Cards

This #BlackFriday, Pick Up Your Deck of #BlackExcellence Playing Cards

by Shantell E. Jamison   Nov 20, 2017

The first contemporary playing cards featuring people of color is here, just in time for #BlackFriday! My Cards prides itself on creating unique playing... Read More