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Dyson Now Has Dryer Attachments for ALL Types of Curls and Coils

Dyson is the go-to dryer of hair pros around the globe. Peek into any top hair wiz’s kit, and you’re bound to spot its sleek, cutting-edge Supersonic dryer.  Last year, the brand augmented its heat-styling tool stable with the ingenius Airwrap Styler, which offers customers aid with a variety styling needs. This summer, Dyson continues


Ten Hair Products To Help Your Blowout Last Longer

Nothing can ruin the elation of getting a shiny, bouncy blowout quicker than realizing you don’t know how to maintain that magical salon-smoothness on your own.  So we asked Johnny Lavoy, a PRO Beauty Tools celebrity hairstylist for a few tricks of the trade for extending the life of that perfect blowout at home. “Straighteners