Angela Bassett Puts Spotlight on Heart Health

Throughout February, American Heart Month, we are revisiting articles that focus on the heart and its health, such as this exclusive from February 2018.

Teachers Hope to Inspire Students with Back-to-School Album

To help get students excited about the new year school, we are revisiting this motivating July 2017 article.

Black Panther, Netflix

Thanks to #BlackPantherChallenge, Nearly 23,000 Kids to See Film

More than 20,000 children will have the chance to see Marvel’s Black Panther thanks to the #BlackPantherChallenge. New…


Obama Planning to Raise Funds and Campaign for Democrats This Year

Former President Barack Obama will reportedly start campaigning for members of the Democratic Party ahead…

russell simmons

Russell Simmons Pauses #NotMe Campaign

Russell Simmons has seemed to place his #NotMe campaign on pause, Page Six reports. The…

Tracee Ellis Ross Encourages Us to Stand Up to Cancer

Tracee Ellis Ross has partnered with CVS Pharmacy customers to get folks to Stand Up…


Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum and His Red-State/Blue-City Battle

Throughout much of his political career, Andrew D. Gillum has stood out for the young…

new yorker

Trump’s ‘What Have You Got to Lose’ Offers Little Incentive

Updated on 10/10: Presidential wannabe Donald Trump has not come up with a solid plan…

#SayHerName Campaign Sheds Light on Abuse of Black Women

BYP100, Black Lives Matter national,Ferguson Action and Project South are planning a series of actions…


Ben Carson Reveals His Endorsement for GOP Presidential Nomination

Former Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson says he and Donald Trump have “buried the hatchet”…