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[LIFE AND TECH]Should You Upgrade Your Smartphone?

To upgrade or not to upgrade…that is the question. While the subject of this piece may not carry the same philosophical weight as Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the decision to upgrade your smartphone can be just as heart-wrenching for some people. So before you set up camp waiting in line for the next iPhone or Droid device,

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Jay-Z Teams with Duracell, Promises “Wireless Power Nation”

Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter is looking to keep his hot streak going by teaming up with Duracell and Powermat. The initiative, dubbed "Wireless Power Nation," will allow cell phone users to charge their mobile devices by simply placing them onto a Powermat-powered surface wirelessly. "I believe in the future of wireless energy and I believe that

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ROUND-UP: iPhone 5 Rumored Features

Move over diamonds, gadgets have become the world's most prized commodity, and the options only continue to increase with time. Sitting high and mighty at the top of the smart phone food chain are Apple Inc.'s iPhone and Samsung's Galaxy, both of which boast an insane amount of special features and innovative detailing that put

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Is GPS All In Our Head

Humans relying on technology to survive is no new concept. From indoor plumbing to pasteurization, there have been numerous technological advances that have improved our quality of life and extended our projected lifespan. But, we've entered an era where we've created things that add to our human stressors instead of lessoning them. And, while some