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[ENOUGH] 50 Chicago Public Schools to Close

[ENOUGH] 50 Chicago Public Schools to Close

by Daschell M. Phillips   May 28, 2013

The Chicago Board of Education made American history on May 22 when it voted to close 50 public schools. Despite citywide protest Chicago Public... Read More

Chicago Students Head Back To Class, Teachers End Strike

Chicago Strike Ends

by #teamEBONY   Sep 19, 2012

After experiencing a week-and-a-half long teacher's strike, which left 350,000 students in Chicago on an extended summer vacation, teachers and support staff voted to... Read More

Why Are Chicago’s Teachers on Strike?

Why Are Chicago's Teachers on Strike?

by Zerlina Maxwell   Sep 12, 2012

This Monday morning, 25,000 teachers in Chicago’s public school district officially went on strike. The strike is the first in nearly 25 years and... Read More