Comcast Is Challenging a 153-Year-Old Law That Protects Against Racial Discrimination. We Can’t Let That Happen.

The highest court in the land will soon determine if the media giant can prevail in its effort to erase parts of a civil rights statute on the books for more than a century.

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Sens. Booker and Harris to Join NAACP Town Hall About Comcast Lawsuit Against Black Media

The senators and 2020 presidential candidates will participate in the civil rights organization’s discussion of the monumental civil case tonght.

WAKE UP: Donald Trump’s DOJ and Comcast Are Dismantling Black People’s Civil Rights

With permission from, we are republishing this provocative op-ed by author Wallace Ford that explores the history of bias in the development of Black-owned business and Comcast’s treatment of Byron Allen’s Entertainment Studios.

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Byron Allen's Entertainment Studios sues Comcast for $20 billion

Byron Allen Sues Comcast For $20 Billion

Television entrepreneur Byron Allen has filed a $20-billion racial discrimination lawsuit against cable giants Comcast…

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