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Make the Holidays Special Without Blowing the Budget

[Parenting] Make the Holidays Special Without Blowing Your Budget

There are many things parents–and children–can do without spending a lot of money to make the holidays memorable, says the author of this revisited December 2012 article.


Word?! Here’s How You Can Work for Barack Obama

Working for former president Barack Obama is a dream job on many of our bucket…

colin Kaepernick

Here’s How Colin Kaepernick Is Helping Parolees Get Back on Their Feet

NFL star Colin Kaepernick may be still searching for a team, but while he meets with organizations to…

Nas Giving Tuesday Hstry Clothing Prison Reform Kevin Scanlon

Here’s How Nas Is Flexing His Power to Improve the Justice System

Nas just keeps being half man, half amazing. His musical foundation, laced with classics, sets…

Professor Kanye’s Fashion Seminar Is Now in Session

Kanye West, College Professor?

Kanye has worked his way up from lowly intern to designer to overarching influence on…

Chris Brown slams 'racist' DA over his 1,000 hours of community service

Chris Brown Rants Against “Racist” D.A.

He recently avoided hit-and-run charges that could have spelled serious troubled for him, but Chris…

How to Keep the Memory of Slain Friends Alive

“Just tell my story.” Those were the last words that Michael Muchioki told his best…