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Chevy Chase Told Racist Jokes to Donald Glover on Set of ‘Community’

Donald Glover is a relatively private celebrity, choosing to share details of his life through his art rather than regular interviews or social media. While speaking about the new season of Atlanta, the renaissance man opened up to The New Yorker about the show, growing up in the Southern metropolis and his unstoppable career, which

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My Brother’s Keeper Alliance Announces Plans to Further Impact Males of Color

On Sunday, the My Brother’s Keeper Alliance announced its issuing of a formal RFP, request for proposals, to community-based organizations in the areas that accepted then-President Barack Obama‘s My Brother’s Keeper Community Challenge in 2014. The alliance is an initiative of the Obama Foundation and will issue the proposal to about 250 communities. In the proposal,


Growing up with Depression in the African-American Community

John Harris is one of my favorite young adults in the world. A fitness instructor, actor, model, singer and activist, he exudes joy and positive energy. His sense of wonder at the world is contagious. But it was not always that way. When John came out to his traditional southern family as teen, he was literally put out.

Barack Obama

What Obama Is Doing to Get Young People Engaged in Their Communities

Barack Obama may not be the nation’s commander in chief anymore, but his commitment to bettering the country one community at a time has not wavered. Huffington Post reports that our nation’s 44th president announced plans to host a summit to promote civic engagement next month in an email sent to his supporters. “We want

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Goal Oriented: Anquan Boldin and His Focus on Giving Back

Anquan Boldin has seen his share of NFL success. He’s made three Pro Bowl appearances and his time with the Baltimore Ravens resulted in a Super Bowl XLVII ring. But sometime before he was drafted into the NFL, Anquan Boldin remembered the poverty he came from in Pahokee, Fla., and he vowed to help those who needed

Action Figures: Black Entrepreneurs Making It Happen

Truly successful business owners understand that wealth isn’t quantified only by the size of one’s portfolio; it lies in the ability to manifest a collective win by mentoring and nurturing the next generation within your field. EBONY identified a few great men who’ve made it their mission. Prepare to have your chest swell with pride.

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[Goal Oriented] Carmelo Anthony, Making a Space to Listen

Carmelo Anthony realized one morning at about 3 a.m. after watching tragedies between the police and the community seemingly happening one after the other. At first, he thought about staying silent, but ultimately he knew that he couldn’t. “I just stared typing,” said the New York Knicks forward. “And I was typing, I just started


After Two Years, ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ Remains Ambitious, Despite Challenges

Malachi Hernandez grew up in a poor Boston neighborhood where he often heard the crackle of gunfire, and witnessed violence between his parents before his dad abandoned the family. “Growing up with domestic violence and then a single parent was very difficult,” Hernandez said.  “We were low-income. We had a lot of challenges. It wasn’t

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The Critical Missing Piece in Reducing the Prison Population

Even with a new skill set, good behavior served and any and all attempts to keep up with technology, returning home after years of incarceration can be woefully difficult for former inmates and even harder for the communities they return to. In the past year, we have seen bipartisan support for prison reform emerge from

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Operation HOPE Founder, Inspiring Change Through Financial Literacy

A native of Compton and South Central Los Angeles, John Hope Bryant was always a business-savvy kid who sold candy in his neighborhood. Even back then, he understood the value of a dollar and today is diligently trying to teach others the same values. Now, the CEO and Founder of Operation HOPE, a non-profit that

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Former NBA Star Builds Affordable Housing Complex for Community

Former NBA star Devean George knows what it's like to grow up in a deprived community. That's why the ex-pro athlete is giving back to his North Minneapolis neighborhood, by building an affordable housing complex for residents. The former L.A. Laker and Augsburg College standout, along with his childhood friend and architect Jamil Ford, have