It’s Not Illegal For NYPD To Have Sex With Someone In Their Custody…Yet

by Zahara Hill   Oct 27, 2017

A case against two NYPD officers has drawn attention to an oversight within New York’s justice system: there’s no law prohibiting cops from having... Read More


Let’s Reimagine Consent: No to Shame, No to Fear, Yes to Pleasure

by Esther A. Armah   Oct 27, 2016

This week on #theCONSENTconvo women and men who are sexual assault survivors talk about what consent means for them and on reimagining consent after... Read More


Is It Possible to Make Consent Sexy? Let’s Talk About It

by Esther A. Armah   Oct 20, 2016

This is the third part in #theCONSENTconvo series, an ongoing public conversation campaign on consent. EBONY.com has teamed up with international award winning journalist and host of... Read More

It’s Time We Had a Frank Conversation About Consent

It’s Time We Had a Frank Conversation About Consent

by Esther Armah   Oct 06, 2016

Consent. We have a problem with the way we publicly engage, explore and discuss it. Our public conversations are usually sparked by headlines about... Read More

nate parker-image-awards

Exclusive: Nate Parker on Campus Incident, Consent and Toxic Male Culture

by Britni Danielle   Aug 27, 2016

“Can I go off script real quick?” That was how Nate Parker broke his silence on the growing firestorm surrounding his 1999 rape allegation.... Read More

The Importance of Teaching Our Sons Not to Rape

The Importance of Teaching Our Sons Not to Rape

by Josie Pickens   Aug 18, 2016

We have all been rooting for actor, director and producer Nate Parker – whose newest film The Birth of a Nation seems to be... Read More

Chris Brown

Chris Brown Didn’t “Lose” His Virginity. He Was Raped

by Clutch   Oct 08, 2013

Every time Chris Brown opens his mouth for an interview I wish someone would just intervene and haul him off to therapy. In a... Read More

Alicia "Chucky" Hansen

Marriage Doesn’t Automatically Mean Consent

by #teamEBONY   Sep 12, 2013

Virgin Island Senator Alicia “Chucky” Hansen says that she is “not a ‘no’ person.” And that, she explained this week, is why she has... Read More