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Black Sundance: 10 Films Not to Miss

The Sundance Film Festival comes splashing into Park City, Utah today, jam-packed with what is shaping up to be some pretty interesting films this go ’round. This is where filmmakers, who’ve worked painstakingly hard on their projects, go to finally showcase their work and hopefully pique the interest of buyers. Last year, director Rick Famuyiwa

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[BLACK POP DAILY] Usher’s Ex Joins ‘Hollywood Exes’ spinoff

Rihanna Shows Off Painful Maori Tattoo Rihanna is taking this tattoo thing a little too far. Veteran New Zealand tattoo artist Inia Taylor uploaded a video of the singer cringing, trembling and Harlem shaking while getting hammered and chiseled with traditional Maori markings. After she was done getting pummeled away, crazy mad gal RiRi flaunted

Craig Robinson
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Craig Robinson Crashes Hollywood in ‘Peeples’

Craig Robinson is ready to take the lead. The funnyman actor (he hails from Chicago) has long played the easy-going, dry-witted line-zinger on NBC’s wildly popular sitcom, The Office. As warehouse worker Darryl, he kept the regional manager of a small-town, mid-level paper company in check. His scenes were memorable because he was funny and