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T-Pain & Delta Debate Suitable Airline Music

Singer T-Pain made his feelings known about not enjoying the music played during one of his flights on Delta Airlines last month. A hilarious exchange happened after the the artist informed the airline that its music had put a damper on his mood. “@Delta we gotta change these boarding/taxiing songs more often guys,” T-Pain tweeted.

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Delta Officials Confirm Passenger Dragged Off Plane by MI Police

A passenger on a Dec. 12 Delta airlines flight recorded Michigan police officers dragging a Black female passenger off of a plane, The Washington Post reports. The unidentified woman was yanked from the plane after allegedly refusing to follow the boarding rules. Delta spokesman Trebor Banstetter accused the passenger of not “complying with boarding and

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Doctor Charging Delta with Discrimination in Medical Emergency Speaks Out

By now, everyone has probably heard about Dr. Tamika Cross’s experience with Delta Airlines and thousands have read about what she says was discrimination when attempting to aid a passenger on a flight who needed emergency assistance. The OB-GYN, who is in her residency at McGovern Medical School in Texas, took to Facebook to share what happened