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WAKE UP: Donald Trump’s DOJ and Comcast Are Dismantling Black People’s Civil Rights

With permission from, we are republishing this provocative op-ed by author Wallace Ford that explores the history of bias in the development of Black-owned business and Comcast’s treatment of Byron Allen’s Entertainment Studios.

Katt Williams Accuses Former Employees of Embezzling $59 Million

Katt Williams Accuses Former Employees of Embezzling $59 Million

Emmy Award-winning comedian Katt Williams revealed that several of his employees had embezzled millions of dollars from him. Williams said that the Department of Justice contacted him about an investigation launched into his finances. Through the investigation, Williams discovered his employees had stolen from him. He fired employees involved and said they attempted to blackmail him as a result.

Stand Your Ground, Florida, Florida Man

Lawmakers Call for Criminal Investigation in Latest Stand Your Ground Defense

State and federal lawmakers are calling for a criminal investigation in Florida where the Stand…

Emmett Till, Department of Justice

Department of Justice Reopens Murder Case of Emmett Till ‘After Receiving New Information’

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has reopened the murder case of Emmett Till, the…

Alton Sterling

Feds Decline to Charge Cops in Alton Sterling Case, But Family Still Wants Justice

The federal decision, first reported on Tuesday, that Alton Sterling’s shooting death was not the…

Black Males

How Young Black Men are Running a Violent Gauntlet of Peril

In Baltimore and around the country, we are losing too many young people—especially young Black…


How Trump’s Criminal Justice Plan is Really More For-Profit Incarceration

Donald Trump’s recent moves on criminalization, like his immigration orders, are designed to oppress communities…

Mural of Freddie Gray

2 Years After Freddie Gray, Justice Dept. Seems to be Backing Away

The Department of Justice said it has “grave concerns” about a consent decree reached with…

Emmett Till

Justice Delayed? Reopening Emmett Till Case May Catch AG’s Interest

A meeting between Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the family of Emmett Till could result…

Jamar Clark

DOJ Report Says Minneapolis Police Kept the Peace During Protest

A review from the Justice Department praised the Minneapolis Police Department for its restraint during…