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Dr. Oz Details Proper Way to Detox, Says It Isn’t Form of Weight Loss

Dr. Oz appeared on The Breakfast Club with Charlamagne and DJ Envy. The three men held a conversation about the current trend of detoxing and how obesity and diet can contribute to cancer and mental health. Detoxing has become a dietary trend, and many people use it as a form of weight loss. However, Dr.

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5 Natural Ways to Detox

With the holiday season in full effect, you have more than likely been indulging in foods and drinks that you wouldn’t normally consume, as have most people. And it is very, very easy to overindulge and give in to those cravings in the name of the holiday season. If you’re like me, your body will

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[URBAN ORGANIC] 15 Foods for Your Detox Diet

Spring is finally here and it's the perfect time to think about a detox cleanse incorporating more ‘detox foods” into your diet.  Detox foods are often foods with insoluble fiber (like raw veggies) or have a diuretic effect (like green tea) all promoting speedy digestion, eliminating toxins and essentially detoxing your body by replenishing the

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[URBAN ORGANIC] 10 Cheap Ways to Make Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Who says your home needs to smell like lemon-scented chemicals in order for it to be clean? Chemical-laden cleaners create toxic fumes and may promote growth of bacteria resistant to antibacterial drugs as well as aggravate and promote bronchial distress. Ew! Thankfully, you can make your own environmentally-friendly cleaning products using items in your kitchen


[URBAN ORGANIC] 6 Tips to Prepare for a Cleanse

Detox, cleanse, fast…these words are thrown around by many people who are just trying to get healthy, but what's the difference between them? And how do you know what's best for you? To get some clarity, caught up with Durham, North Carolina-based, holistic practitioner and vegan and vegetarian personal chef, LaMana Donadelle.  "'Cleanse' and "detox"

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