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Plastic Surgeon who Made Music Videos While Operating Faces Several Lawsuits (VIDEO)

A Georgia plastic surgeon is facing lawsuits after she filmed herself singing and dancing while her patients were exposed on the operating table, according to the Ledger-Enquirer. Dr. Windell Davis Boutté has four lawsuits against her and has settled five malpractice claims, one of which a patient suffered “catastrophic” brain damage, WSB-TV 2 reports. “Dr.


A Black Man’s Guide to Good Health

Brothers, be honest: Do you go to the doctor regularly? You take care of your family, you take care of work matters, but what about yourself? “Men aren’t judged by whether they are healthy; they are judged by whether they contribute financially to their households, pay child support and are active participants in their families

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Doctors Not Thrilled With ObamaCare

While the Affordable Care Act, so affectionately called “ObamaCare,” is still up for consideration by the Supreme Court, a new survey reveals doubts physicians have about the law. The patient-friendly bill doesn’t favor physicians in the same way, which is why nearly half of the 500 doctors surveyed believe it will have a negative affect

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Overweight Doctors Less Likely To Diagnose Weight Loss

In a survey published in the Obesity Journal, researchers from John Hopkins University found that obese doctors are less likely to help obese patients shed pounds and to diagnosis them correctly. When surveying 500 primary care physicians, they found that 30 percent of normal weight doctors were likely to talk about weight loss with their


Healthy Is The New Black: Find Dr. Right!

I recently had a conversation, or should I say vigorous debate, with a family member who declared her disdain for the medical establishment and its modus operandi.  She talked about the frustrations that many of us face in our encounters with healthcare, including feeling like a number or not having adequate time to really discuss

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