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Don Lemon Talks Safe Horizon and Being a Child Sex Abuse Survivor

“As much as you think it hurts, tell your story. Encourage people to tell their stories.”

Don Lemon Thinks Kellyanne Conway is ‘Beneath the Dignity’ of CNN

Don Lemon Thinks Kellyanne Conway Is ‘Beneath the Dignity’ of CNN

“You come on CNN, you have an obligation to the American people,” he said.

Don Lemon & April Ryan Have Tense Debate Over Sen. Kamala Harris

The CNN analysts engaged in an intense debate regarding presidential candidate Kamala Harris’ ancestry.

Don Lemon Talks to Jada Pinkett Smith About Being Black and Gay

Don Lemon Talks to Jada Pinkett Smith About Being Black and Gay

“Sometimes some of us say we’re too Black to be gay or are we too gay to be Black.”

Kevin Hart Resigns as Oscars Host After Furor Over Anti-Gay Tweets

Kevin Hart Issues Another Apology to LGBT Community

After more backlash, Kevin Hart is trying to get his apology to the LGBT community done correctly after stepping down from the Oscars.

Don Lemon Tells Guest to ‘Shut Up’ During ‘Mob Behavior’ Conversation

Don Lemon told a CNN network contributor to “shut up” on Tuesday’s show after the guest…

Don Lemon, LeBron James, Trump

Watch Don Lemon Respond to Trump’s Attacks Over He and LeBron James’ Intelligence

Don Lemon has hit back against President Donald Trump after he called the journalist and…

Don Lemon Responds to Trump Calling Him Dumb After LeBron Interview

In a tweet shared on Saturday morning, CNN’s Don Lemon shot back at President Donald…

Angela Rye Moved to Tears While Discussing Trump & Racism on CNN (VIDEO)

Emotions can run high while discussing sensitive subjects such as race, with political commentator Angela…

Hot 97 DJ Ebro, Kanye West

Hot 97’s Ebro on Kanye: He’s Being Used as Tool for White Supremacy

Hot 97 DJ Ebro chimed in on Kanye West’s latest comment that slavery was a…