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Trump, Prison reform bill

Donald Trump Backs Bipartisan Prison Reform Bill

by Teddy Grant   Nov 15, 2018

President Donald Trump announced on Wednesday that he is supporting a bipartisan prison reform bill that would change sentencing laws in the country, HuffPost... Read More

Andrew Gillum, Florida, EBONY

Andrew Gillum’s Governor Hopes Hinges on Florida Recount

by Sarafina Wright   Nov 14, 2018

Florida, Florida, Florida. There’s a statewide recount taking place in Florida for a very contentious gubernatorial and Senate race, one that hasn’t been of... Read More

Andrew Gillum, Trump, Florida, Gillum

Andrew Gillum Tells Trump He Sounds ‘Nervous’ About Florida Recount

by Teddy Grant   Nov 13, 2018

Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum called out President Donald Trump on Twitter on Monday after the president falsely claimed there was voter fraud in the... Read More

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Defends Black Female Reporters After Trump Attack

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Defends Black Female Reporters After Trump Attack

by Teddy Grant   Nov 12, 2018

Journalist Brooke Baldwin defended Black female reporters after they were targeted by President Donald Trump last week, per HuffPost. The CNN anchor came to... Read More

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama Calls Out Trump in Her Memoir for Birther Claims

by Christina Santi   Nov 09, 2018

Michelle Obama shared candid stories about her life in her forthcoming memoir Becoming. According to The Washington Post, the former first lady shared her disdain of... Read More

Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions Fired as Attorney General by Trump

by Teddy Grant   Nov 07, 2018

Attorney General Jeff Sessions resigned from his post on Wednesday, ending a strenuous tenure as the nation’s top lawyer, CNN reports. Sessions was let... Read More


Donald Trump Claims Black Reporter Asked ‘Racist’ Question

by Christina Santi   Nov 07, 2018

President Donald Trump accused Yamiche Alcindor, a White House correspondent for PBS NewsHour, of asking a “racist” question during press conference at the executive... Read More

maxine waters

Maxine Waters May Run House Financial Services Committee After Dem Win

by Teddy Grant   Nov 07, 2018

Rep. Maxine Water will most likely become the chair of the House’s Financial Services Committee following the Democrats’ victory in the midterm elections on... Read More

John Legend Explains Why He Called Out Friend Kanye West

John Legend Explains Why He Called Out Friend Kanye West

by Jessica Bennett   Nov 07, 2018

John Legend and Kanye West have a long-standing friendship that hit a slight bump earlier this year. Shortly after West proclaimed his love for... Read More

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Democrats Take House, Republicans Keep Senate

by Teddy Grant   Nov 07, 2018

Democrats won back control of the House and claimed victory in a few gubernatorial races on Tuesday in what has been seen as a... Read More