If a Student Says Homosexuality Is a Sin in School, Is It Bullying?

Is Calling Homosexuality a Sin a Form of Bullying?

by The Atlantic   Apr 16, 2014

Politicians, academics, and religious leaders continue to debate whether God and religion has a place in public schools. What right should students have to... Read More

african american man yelling

‘Freedom of Speech’ Does Not Mean Freedom of Consequences

by Garfield Hylton   Feb 26, 2014

My introduction to this much-touted concept of 'free speech'— and its potential consequences—-came when I was third grade. We were allowed to run around... Read More

Reporter Arrested at Mitt Romney Event

Reporter Arrested at Mitt Romney Event

by #teamEBONY   Mar 01, 2012

Politicker's own Hunter Walker was live at the center of an interesting turn of events at Mitt Romney's victory speech in Michigan. Natasha Loder, the Midwest correspondent for The... Read More