fried chicken

Fried Chicken Sandwich

[Hungry for History] Chick-Fil-A Didn’t Create the Fried Chicken Sandwich

by Donna Battle Pierce   Mar 25, 2016

Comedian Chris Rock and feminist writer, bell hooks have something in common. Both have the ability to answer grave misrepresentations of the Black experience... Read More

Colorado Sen. Vicki Marble,

Colorado Senator Blames Fried Chicken for Black Health Problems

by #teamEBONY   Aug 23, 2013

A Republican state senator stunned her colleagues Wednesday during a discussion on poverty when she talked about Blacks eating chicken and Mexicans eating vegetables... Read More

Garcia makes remark, apologizes

Sergio Garcia Makes “Fried Chicken” Remark about Tiger Woods

by ESPN   May 22, 2013

The verbal sparring between Sergio Garcia and Tiger Woods continued Wednesday after Woods tweeted back at Garcia in response to comments made by Garcia that could be perceived... Read More

LOVE AND BARBECUE:Cheers to the Neelys

LOVE AND BARBECUE: Cheers to the Neelys

by Dinkinish O'Connor   May 21, 2012

Today’s Black reality stars are widely considered to be an embarrassment to the race and are rarely seen in anything remotely resembling healthy, loving... Read More

[RECIPE]The Cute Cook’s Cap’n Crunch Chicken

[RECIPE] The Cute Cook's Cap'n Crunch Chicken

by Lauren Cooper   Apr 18, 2012

I am absolutely fascinated with flavor mash-ups and have been as long as I can remember! Don’t let the name of this dish…or the... Read More

A Food Pyramid Catered Towards African-Americans

A Food Pyramid Catered Towards African-Americans

by #teamEBONY   Jan 08, 2012

A non-profit food and nutrition education organization have created a new food pyramid designed to please the Afro-palate. Drawing from traditional dishes from the... Read More