Chris Brown and Rihanna
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Rihanna Allegedly Wants to Make Peace with Chris Brown

Rihanna reportedly wants to make peace with Chris Brown, Celebrity Insider reports. While the two have clearly moved on, it appears she wishes to bury the hatchet with Brown following her recent birthday. As you all know, the “Umbrella” star turned 30, and according to the media outlet, she is interested in making a few

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The Story of A Hatin’ Ass ‘Friend’

It’s always bomb when you meet someone who you not only click with, but who is genuinely in your corner. Everyone wants that ride or die type of friendship, especially in a world full of fake. And while one woman thought she’d found her BFF, she learned the hard way that this chick was anything

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Students Behind Offensive Prom Proposal Suspended

Two White Florida high school students have been suspended after an image of a distasteful (and racially offensive) sign of them asking their African-American friend to prom went viral. The image, which shows two White girls standing on either side of a Black girl, has infuriated many parents and left them questioning how this happened.

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Why I Went to Craigslist to Cure My Loneliness

If I’m going to be honest, I had been outgrowing my friends for a while but I didn’t want to admit it. Admitting that I didn’t really enjoy the company of women that I vowed only a few years back to grow old with, share stories with, and bury the dead bodies with, was too


[ASK B. SCOTT] ‘Did My Friend Break Up with Me?’

Dear B. Scott,   I feel like I’m losing my friend. Here’s what’s going on. My homegirl and I met a few months ago when I moved to Texas. We’ve been almost inseparable ever since. We like the same types of thing, we have similar style, we enjoy going out to the same places. Well,

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ASK B.SCOTT: ‘Am I Over My Best Friend?’

Dear B. Scott, I love my best friend to death, but she's getting on my nerves. The crazy thing about it, is she hasn't really done anything to me. Just certain things about her are really starting to irk my nerves. It's to the point where I don't always answer her phone calls or respond

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ASK B. SCOTT: ‘My Friend’s A Debbie Downer!’

Dear B. Scott,   What do you do when your friend isn’t happy for you? I don’t think she’s jealous, she’s never been the jealous time. It’s just that whenever I have some exciting news to share or whenever I seem really happy, she ALWAYS does something or says something negative. For example, I’ve been

How Politics, Racism and Facebook ended my 16 year Friendship
Barack Obama

Racism and Facebook Ended My Friendship

After years of reading his Facebook posts, I slowly and painfully discovered that my White friend was a racist. Initially I tried to ignore it but as an African American man I could no longer stomach his increasingly toxic, race fueled comments that were initially veiled as just boisterous, conservative rhetoric. After debating him online

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[ASK B. SCOTT] ‘I’m Seeing My Friend’s Ex’

Dear B.Scott,   My best friend and I have been friends for over 15 years. Our friendship has been off and on due to us being college students and trying to stay clear on our own paths plus we go to different universities. Wel, we recently rekindled our friendship our sophomore year of college. Last


ASK B. SCOTT: Is My Friend Fake?

Dear B. Scott, I just finished reading your last column 'My Best Friend is Getting Fat' and I love what you said to that Love Muffin. I'm writing because I think I'm in the same situation…but I'm the fat friend. I've gained some weight over the last year after getting fired from my job. I

[MODERN MOM] Best Friends, For Life

My daughter has chosen and been chosen by the little girl across the street. They laugh warm puffs into the streetlight’s glow and chase each other around giant trees, light-up sneakers tracking every move. They gather leaves, rocks and unidentifiable fruits of the neighborhood trees and pile them on a patch of dirt they call

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ASK B. SCOTT: ‘My Best Friend Is Getting Fat’

Dear B. Scott,   My relationship with my best friend is amazing. We've known each other for 10 years and we've never had any major disagreements. We've always been able to be really open with each other from family issues to relationship drama, to work things. Lately I've noticed that she's gained a little bit