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[TALK LIKE SEX] How to Come Out to Your Kids

The timeless advice offered by the author in this reposted December 2013 article is based on personal experience.

Robyn Crawford DIdn't Ruin Whitney's Rep by isclosing Their Love 11.13.19's Rep

Robyn Crawford Didn’t Ruin Whitney’s Rep by Disclosing Their Love

The author says if the legendary singer’s issues when she was alive didn’t destroy her reputation, neither should confirmation of her sexual relationship with a woman after her death.

Do Brothers Care Enough About Sexual Assault?

As I recently listened to Nas’ 1999 album I Am-–a record I’d always considered to…

Is Chivalry Dead or Just Changing Lanes?

If some almighty ‘love doctor’ has declared chivalry dead, then the burial occurred at the tail…