Bodega founders

Bodega Start-Up Named After The Exact Stores They’d Be Putting Out Of Business

by Zahara Hill   Sep 13, 2017

Two former Google employees are looking to make a profit by intersecting the concepts behind corner stores and vending machines. Read More

Fantastic Negrito negro

Fantastic Negrito Wants to Remind Music Fans Black Artists Created Pop Culture

by Jenee Darden   Jun 23, 2016

As we say in Oakland, it was on and crackin’ at the city’s First Fridays street fair earlier this month. The main reason? Fantastic... Read More

How ‘the G Word’ is Translated in Harlem

How ‘the G Word’ is Translated in Harlem

by Herb Boyd   Jun 22, 2016

Once upon a time in the nation's socioeconomic matrix, Black activists once took to the ramparts challenging the advance of urban renewal, or as... Read More

Marcus Books Oakland

Preserving the Soul of Black San Francisco

by Lynn Brown   Jun 13, 2016

Marcus Books, one of the country’s first bookstores dedicated to the work of African American writers, opened in 1960 in the Fillmore district of... Read More

Brooklyn Brownstones

The Inner Conflict of Being a Black Gentrifier

by Andrea Moore   May 23, 2016

I’m from the part of San Francisco James Baldwin dubbed, “The San Francisco America pretends does not exist.” Gentrification in San Francisco’s Bayview-Hunters Point... Read More

Regeneration, Not Gentrification: Being Black in Gentrified D.C.

Regeneration, Not Gentrification: Being Black in Gentrified D.C.

by   Nov 10, 2015

Washington, D.C., once known as “Chocolate City,” it has turned more into a Chai Latte City. Small pockets of D.C. that were once locally-owned... Read More

Whites are moving back into Detroit as blacks leave

Blacks Leaving Detroit, but Whites are Moving Back

by The Grio   May 21, 2015

Whites are moving back to the American city that came to epitomize White flight, even as Blacks continue to leave for the suburbs and... Read More

A Tax on Blackness

The Rebirth of Redlining

by Slate   May 14, 2015

Housing discrimination is illegal, and most Americans express egalitarian beliefs on race. But while unused and largely forgotten, Hoyt’s hierarchy retains its symbolic force... Read More

What happens when housing for the poor is remodeled as luxury studios

Poor People Out, “Young Professionals” In

by The Washington Post   Nov 14, 2014

For years, this brown-brick building near Wrigley Field housed people who had nowhere else to go. It had peeling walls and broken smoke detectors.... Read More

joe fraziers gym

The Politics of Preserving Black Historical Sites

by Souleo   Aug 13, 2014

A discount furniture store now occupies the space where boxing legend, Joe Frazier trained in Philadelphia. The home of America’s first female self-made millionaire,... Read More