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Barack Obama warns Uganda's Museveni over anti-gay bill

Ugandan President Museveni Gets Warning From President Obama

by #teamEBONY   Feb 18, 2014

President Barack Obama has warned Uganda's President Yoweri Museveni that enacting an anti-gay law would complicate relations with the US. Under the proposed legislation,... Read More

Is the Black Community Homophobic?: A Discussion With Yoruba Richen

Homophobia and the Black Community

by #teamEBONY   Feb 13, 2014

Why did you make this movie? Yoruba Richen: I started conceiving of this film the night of the election of 2008, when Barack Obama... Read More

Michael Sam Sr.

Michael Sam’s Father Unhappy With His Son’s Sexuality

by ESPN   Feb 12, 2014

While Michael Sam has mostly received an outpouring of support since announcing that he is gay, his father is struggling with the news, according... Read More

 Michael Sam, Jackie Robinson, and Why the Bigots Always Lose

Bigotry Will Always Lose

by The Atlantic   Feb 12, 2014

Michael Sam had a very good year meting out violence to his opponents. The 6-3, 260-pound defensive end helped lead Missouri to a 12-2... Read More

the real housewives of atlanta

Dear 'Housewives'- Gay Men Aren't Purses

by Michael Arceneaux   Feb 12, 2014

For a show that likes to parade itself as gay friendly, this entire season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta has been an exhaustive... Read More

Michael Sam

Michael Sam Forces the NFL to Confront Homophobia

by Slate   Feb 10, 2014

Michael Sam, who came out in interviews with the New York Times and ESPN on Sunday, is not a borderline case. The 6-foot-3, 260-pound... Read More

Homophobia Is a Real Fear … but of What, Exactly?

Why Straight Men are “Right” to be Homophobic

by Slate   Jan 31, 2014

To be a homophobe in 2014 is, increasingly, to find oneself on the fast track to social scorn. In an environment of growing acceptance,... Read More

Mister Cee

Mr Cee: “I am Not Gay”

by #teamEBONY   Jan 23, 2014

Good morning to everybody! I'm here, and I'm ready to go, man. Are you gay? I am not gay. Every weekday, Calvin Lebrun—Wallop King,... Read More

“Chozen’s” weak take on homophobia in hip-hop

Chozen Tries to be Relevant and Funny, but Fails

by #teamEBONY   Jan 08, 2014

Does this make me racist? I’ve heard the question posed in jest. I’ve heard it asked in all seriousness. Consider this occasion to be... Read More

Phil Robertson Needs a History Lesson

Phil Robertson Needs a History Lesson

by The Atlantic   Dec 20, 2013

I've yet to take in an episode of Duck Dynasty. I hear it's a fine show, anchored by a humorous and good-natured family of... Read More