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Harlem Arts Alliance Presents: On the “A” w/Souleo

Harlem and Philadelphia have a few things in common: a sense of style, great food and an appreciation of arts and culture. The latter was on display at Philadelphia’s free Global Fusion Festival concert where Brandy, Kenny Lattimore, Luke James and Elle Varner entertained the crowd on Penn’s Landing. Backstage, Brandy was all smiles and

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Why We Must Save Black Bookstores

A sacred space is disappearing from our communities with too little fanfare: the Black bookstore. Recently, one of the largest Black bookstores in the nation—Hue-Man Bookstore—announced it would shutter its doors in Harlem, the proverbial capital of Black America. Hue-Man is just the latest in a line of Black bookstores in particular, and bookstores in

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Will Black Bookstores Survive the Digital Era?

As a child in Harlem, I had two choices for bookstores: Sisters Uptown Bookstore and Hue-Man Bookstore (before it had a Café).  My love for reading and bookstores grew from these two places. To this day, I prefer hard copy books. Yes, I have a Nook but I’ve only used it once, maybe twice. There

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