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Justin Simien: ‘Dear White People’ Was Born From Wanting to See Myself in the Culture

Writer-director Justin Simien wasn’t sure if his 2014 film, Dear White People, would ever hit the screen,…

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EBONY Sits Down with ‘Dear White People’ Director Justin Simien

April 28th is a big day for Justin Simien, as his original film ‘Dear White People’ will be releasing an extending series on Netflix. Talks of boycott couldn’t shut this man down.

Watch: Netflix Releases Trailer for ‘Dear White People’

Justin Simien expands the plot in the TV series version of his 2014 film, Dear White People.

The Toughest Scene I Wrote: Dear White People’s Tricky Party-Planning

Justin Simien on the Most Difficult Scene He Wrote for Dear White People

The blackface party scene was really tough to write. It's a multi-protagonist story, and there…

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Dear White People

Dear White People is More Smart and Righteous Than Funny

Simien’s created an opportunity for himself rarely granted to a person of color in Hollywood:…

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A seminal moment in Black cinema comes from John Singleton’s 1991 debut Boyz n the…

Watch the Very Funny Dear White People Trailer

“Dear White People” Trailer Released

New trailer for the satirical Dear White People released.  Justin Simien's Dear White People is…

Dear White People

Dear White People Acquired by Lionsgate and Roadside Attractions

Will Dear White People be as successful in the theaters as it was at Sundance?…