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In Brief: Fla. Pol Quits Over N-Word Remark, No Punishment for Cop in Charlotte Shooting

Fla. Legislator Resigns Over N-Word Controversy. Florida state senator Frank Artiles resigned from the legislature on Friday, three days after the beginning of a racial slur controversy that overshadowed the political week in the state. “My actions and my presence in government is now a distraction to my colleagues, the legislative process, and the citizens of

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Officer Who Killed Keith Lamont Scott Escapes Charges

No charges will be brought against the Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer in the September shooting death of a man in University City, the Charlotte Observer reports. 43-year-old Keith Lamont Scott was shot Sept. 20 in a confrontation with officers outside his apartment. Officer Brentley Vinson released the fatal bullet. Video footage of the incident shows police

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Mike Pence Thinks the Criminal Justice System Isn’t Racist

On Tuesday, America got to hear from the nation’s 2016 vice presidential nominees. The debate was interesting and full of the usual political promises of a better tomorrow. What was also very apparent was Indiana Gov. Mike Pence’s ignorance regarding the ongoing discrimination against people of color that lives within the criminal justice system. During the

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Charlotte Attempting to Slowly Heal in Aftermath of Shooting, Protests

Inside a jammed room, a young African-American girl, perched atop a riser, and barely reaching the microphone; delivered a tearful, emotional plea at a Charlotte City Council meeting, just six days after the shooting of an unarmed black man. “I’ve come here today to talk about how I feel,” says Zianna Oliphant, 9, urging the council

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Politician Apologizes for Saying Charlotte Protesters “Hate White People”

A congressman who said that Charlotte protesters were demonstrating because they “hate White people” has apologized for the remark, saying he “regrets” making the statement. Rep. Robert Pittinger, a Republican who represents parts of Charlotte and its suburbs was interviewed by a BBC “Newsnight” anchor and asked what were the protesters grievances. He responded: “The grievance in their

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Cellphone Video Captures Moments Around Keith Lamont Scott Shooting

A lawyer representing the family of Keith Lamont Scott has released a video taken by his wife, Rakeiya capturing the moment he was fatally wounded by Charlotte police on Tuesday. The cellphone footage, given to The New York Times on Friday, comes as residents of the city continue to demand that police body cam video

Who Should Fix Police Violence? The Police, That’s Who

It’s open season on Black bodies for police officers. At least that’s how this week’s heavily reported shootings of Black men by law enforcement makes it seem. On September 16, Terence Crutcher, 40, was shot dead in Tulsa. Four days later, Keith Lamont Scott, 43, was killed by police in Charlotte. Their transgressions? Being Black in public.

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