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10 Black LGBT Trailblazers on the Rise[PHOTOS]

The Black queer community certainly has a lot to be proud of these days. From sports to television, from music to advocacy, there’s a growing number of Black queers who are making moves in their respective fields, while courageously living out loud. Here, we salute a few of the LGBT trailblazers who are doing the work of creating

Laverne Cox Talks to TIME About the Transgender Movement
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Laverne Cox Lands TIME Cover

Laverne Cox lands cover of TIME Magazine. Cox spoke with TIME for this week’s cover story, “The Transgender Tipping Point.” Below is an edited transcript of an interview conducted May 8 in Palo Alto, before Cox addressed an audience at Stanford University. Who was in your house growing up? My twin brother and my mother,

Cece McDonald
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Cece McDonald Released from Prison

Cece McDonald, the trans woman who was imprisoned for stabbing a man who attacked her, is now free, after 19 months in a Minnesota corrections facility. As Tony Merevick reports for Buzzfeed: McDonald will continue to be under the supervision of the Minnesota Department of Corrections until the completion of her 41-month sentence, according to

OITNB's Laverne Cox Is Producing a Documentary About CeCe McDonald
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Cece McDonald Documentary to be Produced by Laverne Cox

Today in awesome, Orange is the New Black trans actress Laverne Cox is producing a documentary about embattled trans woman CeCe McDonald — who may be getting out of prison soon. Free CeCe!, which has already begun production, is slated to continue into 2014 along with McDonald herself, who is set to be released on

OITNB Star Laverne Cox
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Laverne Cox, Star of Orange Is the New Black, on Being Transsexual

Since appearing on Orange Is the New Black as Sophia Burset (Litchfield Prison's premiere fire fighter-turned-hairstylist), actress and activist Laverne Cox has become a household name as both a fan favorite and as the actress — and trans woman — currently being credited with shining a light on the trans community and the issues trans

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Laverne Cox: Transforming Television [INTERVIEW]

Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black dropped​, the dramedy about a New York State federal women’s prison, has become America’s newest binge-watching obsession. And while the show is centered on Piper Chapman, an incarcerated upper middle class White woman, it’s the supporting female characters, especially those of color, that suck you in episode after episode.

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[THIS HAPPENED] Ashanti Stalker Indicted, Rihanna Sues

Heaven, I need a hug, and according to reports, many a Nigerian needs a boost of self-esteem and love of melanin. Al Jazeera just did a segment on a growing number of Nigerians buying skin-lightening products. Described as a “booming business,” the report tells us a story many Black Americans have heard before: color-struck coloreds