Senators Harris, Booker Call Jussie Smollett Attack A 'Modern-day Lynching'

Senators Harris, Booker Call Jussie Smollett Attack A ‘Modern-day Lynching’

The Senators said the attempted lynching should spur Congress to act on legislation to make it a federal hate crime

Post Office Named for Black Postmaster Lynched 120 Years Ago

Post Office Named for Black Postmaster Lynched 120 Years Ago

A post office in a small South Carolina town will be named after the first Black postmaster of Lake City, who was lynched 120 years ago

Passing of the Anti-Lynching Bill—The Year of Righting Wrongs

The year 2018 saw catalysts spur the righting of historical wrongs committed against the African-American community such as lynchings and unsolved civil rights cold cases.

A Biracial 8-Year-Old Was Hung By Group Of White Boys And Cops Refuse To Give Details

A biracial 8-year-old boy was airlifted to a New Hampshire hospital after being hung by a group of white teens.

Let’s Call Police Killings What They Are: Lynchings

My grandmother never spoke much about growing up in the South. She would only say…

Black Lives Matter Activist Convicted on Controversial Charge

A California Black Lives Matter activist was convicted Thursday of interfering with police officers as…

The NYT wrote about lynching by white people without using the word "white"

New York Times Writes About Lynching, Doesn’t Mention White People

This sort of oversight has also been interpreted as going hand-in-hand with a widespread reluctance…

Teen’s Death, Ruled Suicide By Local Officials, Now Being Investigated By FBI As Possible Lynching

Teen’s Death Investigated by FBI

In August, a Black 17-year-old boy named Lennon Lacy was found dead, hanging by two…

Shun Mullins

Black Man Files Complaint, Investigator Replies with…Lynching Story?

According to the local NewsChannel5 out of Nashville, Shun Mullins' mother, Dorothy, passed away recently,…

Brian Banks, Wrongly Accused Brothers and Rape Victims

According to a newspaper report, approximately 200 men lynched Ed Roach, a 24 year-old Black…