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President Biden Praying For The “Right Verdict” In Chauvin Trial, Lori Lightfoot Tackles Resignation Rumors, And R. Kelly Associate Admits To Setting Witness’s Car On Fire

As the jury continues to deliberate the verdict in the Derek Chauvin murder trial, President Joe Biden said that he is praying that the trial ends with the “right verdict.”

Maxine Waters Calls Trump an 'Un-American Traitor' in Fiery Twitter Rant

Maxine Waters Calls Trump an ‘un-American Traitor’ in Fiery Twitter Rant

Earlier this week, U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced an official inquiry into the impeachment of President Donald Trump (for reasons not mentioned here). During that speech, she singled out congressional committee chairs including Waters–who has been calling for his impeachment, as evidenced in this May 2019 post–for years–for their ‘thoughtful approach to all this and their careful statements’ regarding the matter.

Maxine Waters Says Congress 'Must Impeach Putin's President Trump'

Maxine Waters Says Congress ‘Must Impeach Putin’s President Trump’

“The Constitution gives the responsibility to Congress to impeach an unfit president – “high crimes and misdemeanors.” What more do we need?”

Rep. Maxine Waters Politely Checks Treasury Secretary During Testy Exchange

“Please do not instruct me as to how I am to conduct this committee.”

Maxine Waters and Others Blast CBS News Over Lack of Black Reporters

Maxine Waters and Others Blast CBS News Over Lack of Black Reporters

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has also weighed in on the controversy.

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Maxine Waters May Run House Financial Services Committee After Dem Win

Rep. Maxine Water will most likely become the chair of the House’s Financial Services Committee…

Aretha Franklin, Performing, EBONY Magazine

Maxine Waters, Anita Baker & Others Remember Aretha Franklin After Her Passing

On Thursday morning, Aretha Franklin passed away from pancreatic cancer at the age of 76. Several…

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Box Labeled “Anne Thrax” Delivered to Rep. Maxine Waters’ Office Leads to Evacuation

Rep. Maxine Waters’ determination to rid the White House of President Donald Trump has resulted…

Maxine Waters, AM Joy, Russia, Trump

Maxine Waters on Trump: ‘He Is Putin’s Apprentice’

Rep. Maxine Waters blasted President Donald Trump and Republicans on AM Joy  on Sunday (July 22), saying…

Michael Seylem, Maxine Waters, California prosecutor

California Prosecutor Who Implied that Maxine Waters Should be Shot Gets Suspended

A California prosecutor was suspended from his job on Monday after posting disparaging comments on…