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Keeping Your Beard Game Tight

Facial hair is to guys what Spanx are to women’s bodies; one can seemingly alter the appearance of the shape of his face with a well-sculpted beard. Take a cue from each of these stylish brothers, whose beard game was tight long before Drake’s facial fuzz started trending, then be sure to cop some essential products and

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The Ultimate Grooming Subscription Box for Men

Guys, what if we said you could come home every month to a tailor-made box that contained everything you needed to stay fly and well groomed, but never have the time to go out and purchase? A box of items curated personally for your taste, with your budget in mind, that arrived at your doorstep


5 Style Tips Black Men Could Learn from Idris Elba

This month, Idris Elba kills it on the cover of Details magazine. A unique style guy himself, Idris makes a point to always look fresh, but never too trendy. This got us wondering: how does an A-list celeb like him always look cool without becoming a slave to the newest trends for men? After some thought, we

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Guys, Keep These 10 Great Lip Balms Around

Chapped lips…whoa my friend. You’ve just kissed your chances goodbye (pun intended) of ever getting close with whomever you plan on getting close with. So do yourself the biggest favor, and choose one of the above. Buckler’s Chapped Lip Remedy SPF 12 ($7.00) This lip balm packs some mean moisturizing properties with “no shine,” which

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[MEN’S STYLE]10 Sunscreens Black Men Should Try

OK, let’s be honest for sec: when it comes to the use of sunscreen in the African-American community, especially amongst men, it’s pretty much non-existent. We all know that Black don’t crack. Most of us feel we’re blessed with enough melanin to semi-protect us from the harsh sun damage many of our counterparts are prone

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Gillette Launches the Razor Black Men Really Need

You look in the mirror and immediately start with the scrunching, stretching and pulling of your face. Should it really take a “#shaveface” to get an extremely close shave? The process of getting a close shave shouldn’t be so strenuous. As one of the leading innovators in men’s grooming, Gillette’s new Fusion ProGlide with FlexBall


Grooming Code: How One Black Man Is Changing the Shaving Industry

Tristan Walker is a grooming genius who spied a missing link in the male grooming business. Creating the first grooming line for Black men, this young entrepreneur talks about his success and what he’s got in store next.  EBONY: What led you into the grooming business to begin with? I feel it’s a very crowded

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10 Essentials Every Guy Needs in His Gym Bag

It’s March, which means you’re probably hitting the gym harder than ever. And you’re probably going to the gym before or after work. Which means you’ll need to stuff your gym bag with products that’ll have you entering the office or showing up for that date after-work, fresh and dapper. Dude Wipes (30ct., $10.00, It

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Gillette BODY Makes Sure Manscaping Will Never be the Same Again!

We’ve all been there, whether it be with a girlfriend, your wife, or a random hook-up. You start kissing, things begin to heat up, you start undressing, she starts undressing, and then you get “the look.” Now, hopefully that look is not utter disappointment in the size of the ship, but rather displeasure in the lack


Men’s Grooming: 7 Products to Keep Your Hair Fresh

Black men’s hair care is somewhat of an after-thought within our community. It’s not something men openly talk about, not even at their local barbershop. But the truth is, we all have to start thinking about hair loss, and what to do about it at some point. Here, we’ve listed a few products that will help

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[FRESH MAN] 10 Grooming Products to Try in 2014!

Andis T Outliner Clippers  ($81.00, Unless you’re a big-time athlete or celebrity, there’s a good chance you don’t have a personal barber on stand-by for those last-minute haircuts. So you’ll need to invest in a pair of clippers to keep you looking fresh in between cuts. We suggest these Andis T-Outliners.  Jack Black All-Over Wash ($15.00,