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As elegant as she was innovative, fashion icon Eunice Johnson was at one time one of the largest collectors of couture fashion in the world, spending up to 1.5 million dollars per year on clothing. She bought not for the embellishment of her own closet, but for the over-the-top glamour that defined the legendary EBONY


MAD FREE: Talking Beauty with Black Girls Rock! Founder Beverly Bond

I remember the first time I wore a Black Girls Rock! tee shirt. It was an irresistible magnet for emotional reactions. Like “Black is Beautiful,” the message was genius in its simplicity; its honesty, unavoidable. It was a lightning bolt of a new truth in a cacophony of degrading mottos like “nappy headed hoes” (I


MAD FREE: Intimate Talk AboutBlack Women’s Image, Beauty, and,Yes Honey, Power

It is with unspeakable delight that I present MAD Free: Liberating Conversations About Our Image, Beauty and Power to We are taking our conversation global, connecting and claiming our freedom with as many sisters and interested people as possible. Each week during Women’s History Month, we’ll show key segments of the live conversations focusing

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