Texas Democrats Stage Walkout, Mo’Nique Weighs In On Wearing Bonnets Outside, And 50 Cent’s Girlfriend Apologizes To Vivica Fox

Blair Underwood is divorcing after 27 years, Mo’Nique shames women for wearing bonnets in public, Vivica Fox receives an apology from 50 Cent’s girlfriend, and more in The Daily Rundown.

Donald Glover Releases Series of Vignettes With Mo’Nique for Adidas

Donald Glover is the latest celeb to land himself a sneaker deal, teaming up with Adidas for the new Nizza DG.

Steve Harvey Regrets Integrity Comments He Made to Mo'Nique

Steve Harvey Regrets Integrity Comments He Made to Mo’Nique

“I have lived my whole life as a man of integrity,” he said.

Mo’Nique Addresses Steve Harvey Discussion On Money Vs. Integrity

After sitting down with Harvey, Mo is sharing how she feels about the advice she received from her ‘big bro.’

Steve Harvey & Mo’Nique Passionately Discuss Actress Being Blackballed

The comedians also dissect how their own friendship was affected by drama surrounding the Oscar-winner.