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[INTERVIEW] Darren Sharper:Life After Football

As the National Football League starts its 82nd season, the league has seen its growth expand exponentially in the United States and abroad. Football has unquestionably become this country’s most popular form of sport with the combination of high impact action and media-driven craze. For twenty weeks out of each calendar year, numerous fans go

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MEAC Ref to Be First Woman to Officiate an NFL Game

The Mid Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC) is home to 13 Historically Black Colleges located in the Southeastern part of the country including Norfolk State, Hampton, Howard and Florida A&M. The conference is known for having pioneered many things to do with athletic achievements amongst Black students, but now they have a new achievement to boast.


[EXCLUSIVE]Wade Davis, Jr: Former NFL Player Turned LGBT Advocate

Wade Davis, Jr.—the former National Football League (NFL) player turned educator, writer, LGBT activist, and hero—has recently garnered national attention for being one of the few former NFL athletes who have publically come out as gay. He has been featured on, on CNN as a guest of Soledad O’Brien, on Chuck Scarborough’s NBC program,