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Odell Beckham Jr. Dance-Off Made Marquise Goodwin’s Sister’s Year

New York Giants’ Odell Beckham Jr. did more than have an amazing game against the San Francisco 49ers on Monday night. The wide receiver also put a smile on the face of a very special fan. Beckham, 26, is known for his dance skills and putting on a show during pregame warm-ups. Before the game,

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Odell Beckham Jr. Gets Baptized During Trip to Jerusalem (PHOTOS)

NFL baller Odell Beckham Jr. recently traveled to Jerusalem for a “fresh start,” sharing a photo from his baptism with fans via Instagram. The New York Giants wide receiver shared several other shots from his trip as well. Check out his photo album from the journey below. Don’t forget to swipe! I couldn’t of asked

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Odell Beckham is Still the NFL’s Best Receiver…and Its Most Interesting

Trust me, as tired as you are about hearing about Odell Beckham Jr., I’m equally tired of writing about him. And if Beckham isn’t careful he’s going to find himself in the same boat (pun intended) as some of his wide receiver predecessors, where we have to look at his career through two lenses: his on-the-field

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Is Odell Beckham’s Pre-Playoff Vacation Being Overblown?

After defeating the Washington Redskins 19-10 last week and eliminating them from playoff contention, the New York Giants turned their sights to their matchup this Sunday against the Green Bay Packers. But some of the Giants’ players made a detour to Miami to celebrate the new year and to “clear their minds” before their big

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Lena Dunham and the Privilege of Recklessness

Friday evening, I came home from work absolutely exhausted. I left my husband and son to fend for themselves for dinner and crawled into bed at 6 PM. I woke up sometime around midnight and as I always do, reached for my phone and scrolled down my Facebook timeline. Several friends had shared a story

Amy Schumer Needs to Sit Down. Fast.

Oh, Amy Schumer. Are you the Internet answer to “Can’t Get Right” or what? As if your confused friend Lena Dunham didn’t make a big enough fool of herself with a highly questionable, self-obsessed rant about why a grown, independent man (and fellow celeb, TBH) didn’t jump out of his skin to make friends with

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Odell Beckham Catching Heat…for Being Odell Beckham

New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. had better clean up his act or run the risk of being labeled the one word no professional athlete wants to be called: Selfish. Beckham went from catching game winning passes two weeks ago against the Miami Dolphins, to catching flack for his worst performance (emotionally) of

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