Officer Involved-September 2 Freddie Gray Baltimore Police Department

Separate Trials for Cops in Freddie Gray Death

by D. Smith   Sep 03, 2015

Yesterday, prosecutors and the defense attorneys representing the six Baltimore police officers charged in the arrest and death of Freddie Gray appeared in court... Read More

Officer Involved Jonathan Ferrell

Mistrial in Trial of Jonathan Ferrell's Killer

by D. Smith   Aug 28, 2015

Last Friday afternoon, Superior Court Judge Robert Ervin declared a mistrial after a North Carolina jury attempted to determine the fate of Charlotte-Mecklenburg police... Read More

Radazz Hearns

Teen Shot by NJ Cops Released from Hospital

by D. Smith   Aug 21, 2015

The 14-year-old who was shot by police as he ran from them has been released from the hospital, reports The Star-Ledger. The lawyer for... Read More

Cops Forcibly Search Woman's Vagina After Smelling Weed in Her Car

Was a Black Woman Sexually Assaulted by Texas Cops Over Weed?

by Jamilah Lemieux   Aug 12, 2015

You ever come across a story so terrible, you try to convince yourself you didn’t actually hear or see it? I will admit that... Read More

officer involved john crawford iii Tressa Sherrod

Family of John Crawford Seeks Answers

by D. Smith   Aug 06, 2015

The death of Raynette Turner will be the first case the New York State Attorney General will investigate since Governor Andrew Cuomo issued an... Read More

Officer Involved Alesia Thomas

Cop Jailed for Alesia Thomas Murder

by D. Smith   Jul 30, 2015

Ralkina Jones, 37, died (according to the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s Office) at the Cleveland Heights City Jail on Sunday, reports WKYC. Jones was... Read More

Officer Involved sandra bland

Video Shows Sandra Bland Arrest

by D. Smith   Jul 23, 2015

Authorities released disturbing dashcam video Tuesday from Sandra Bland’s July 10 arrest. The officer in question can be heard telling Bland, "I will light... Read More

Sandra Bland


by Jamilah Lemieux   Jul 16, 2015

Another day, another Black person dead following an encounter with police. Another hashtag, another family desperately asking, "WHY?" Twenty eight-year-old Sandra Bland was a... Read More

Officer Involved stonecrest mall

Mall Cops Suspended for Beating Black Teen

by D. Smith   Jul 08, 2015

WAVY-TV reports that a man died at the scene of an officer-involved shooting early morning on July 4 in Newport News, Virginia. An off-duty... Read More

FL Grand Jury to Investigate Jermaine McBean Shooting

FL Grand Jury to Investigate Jermaine McBean Shooting

by D. Smith   Jun 18, 2015

The Miami Herald reports that a veteran Miami police officer shot and killed a homeless man who was threatening him with a pipe at... Read More