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[In My Lifetime] On Life With Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis

Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis, two of our most beloved performers, have long been known as brilliant actors and staunch activists for African-American human rights and social justice. But to their children, they were simply Mom and Dad. Their daughters, Nora Davis Day and Hasna Muhammad, spoke with EBONY about what it was like growing up

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Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis: Secret of Divine Love, Art and Activism

The arts should serve the people. Art and struggle brought them together. Love and dedication kept them united. For decades, Ossie Davis (1917-2005) and Ruby Dee (1922-2014) illuminated society through film, stage and activism in the community. Their passion, rage, use of voice and resources made the couple completely fascinating and a force to be

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Why the Celebrity Silence on Ferguson?

“What about your recording artists who are ‘everything’?,” asks English literature scholar Ruth Ellen Kocher after a week of following protests and marches in Ferguson, Missouri. “Have they said a word about the murder of a kid with their music loaded on his iPod?” A less reported reaction to the slaying of unarmed 18-year-old Michael

ernest dickerson
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Ernest Dickerson Talks ‘Do the Right Thing,’ 25 Years Later

Although Ernest Dickerson has been directing since his unforgettable 1992 debut Juice, he started his film career as a cinematographer. “My first love was cinematography,” says 63-year-old Dickerson from his home in California. “I used to sit at night watching movies with my uncle, and that was how I discovered what cinematography was all about.”

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About Ruby and Ossie’s Unique Marriage…

Tuesday, the light of one of the African-American community’s brightest stars was dimmed, leaving behind accomplishments and marks on history that will never be forgotten. Known for her major contributions to Broadway, film and the civil rights movement, Ruby Dee was a formidable force within Black culture, strong, bold and courageous in the pursuits of

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Remembering Ruby Dee

Having brought immense talent, fire, and above all love to this world and to each of us, our beloved Mother Sister, Ruby Dee, has gone on to her final resting place, where we know the ancestors are dancing as she returns. Dee died at home, surrounded by her loved ones, on June 11. For many

Ruby Dee dead at 91
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Ruby Dee Dies

Screen legend, civil rights activist, and American icon Ruby Dee dies at 91. Stage and screen legend Ruby Dee, who personified grace, grit and progress at a time when African-American women were given little space in movies and on stage, died Wednesday in New Rochelle, N.Y. She was 91. The death was confirmed Thursday by

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[PHOTOS] Harlem Celebrates Ruby Dee’s 90th!

“The original Will and Jada.” Amid the hubbub at Harlem’s Schomburg Center late Wednesday night, during a special event celebrating the 90th birthday of living legend Ruby Dee, a dad explained the honoree in terms his teenage son might understand. His description, of course, hardly scratches the surface. Ask Melvin Van Peebles, Jesse Jackson, Harry


Open Marriage? Negro, Please!

The media has been burning up on the topic of “open marriage” ever since Marianne Gingrich, the second wife of GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich,revealed that he had once asked her for one…all the while promoting family values to the rest of the world.  For those who may be unclear about the term, an open

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