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Donald Trump, Puerto Rico, Paper towels

Trump Denies That Nearly 3,000 People Died in Puerto Rico, Says Dems Inflated Numbers

President Donald Trump is denying his own government’s report that nearly 3,000 people died last…

Puerto Rico, Hurricane Maria

Report: Hurricane Maria Killed Over 4,600 People in Puerto Rico

It’s officially the start of the 2018 hurricane season, but the effects of last year’s…

Puerto Rico, Hurricane Maria

Blackout: All of Puerto Rico Lost Power

The entire island of Puerto Rico lost power on Wednesday in what is the country’s…

School Bus, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico to Close Hundreds of Schools as Island Recovers from Hurricane Maria

After a sharp drop in enrollment, Puerto Rico will close 238 schools this summer as…

FEMA to Stop Shipping Food and Water to Puerto Rico

An official from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) told CNN that the organization would no longer…

Puerto Rican Government: 911 People Died After Maria Due to “Natural Causes”

On Friday, Puerto Rican government officials admitted to approving the cremation of over 900 bodies…

Spa Day

Hurricane Maria Victims Recruited to Give Aid Workers a ‘Spa Day’

Amid the devastation occurring in Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria, a doctor claims federal…

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz

San Juan Mayor to Trump: You’re a ‘Hater-in-Chief’

Adding to a series of unpresidential responses to Hurricane Maria, which devastated Puerto Rico in late September, President…

Flint Mayor Writes Touching Letter to San Juan Mayor

“This is why I feel a special sisterhood, and connection to your concern for your community.”

President Donald Trump throws paper towels into an audience of Hurricane Maria victims.

Trump Threw Paper Towels Into a Crowd of Hurricane Maria Victims

Trump’s visit to the island was just five hours.