Mark Zuckerberg Facebook CEO

Facebook Blocks 115 Fraudulent Accounts Ahead of Midterms

After lax cybersecurity led to social media foul play the last election, Facebook is hoping…

Colin Kaepernick, Nike

Report: Russian-Backed Accounts Promoted Nike Boycott Following Kaepernick News

A report from Wired claims that Russian-backed social media accounts fueled the Nike boycott following…

Maxine Waters, AM Joy, Russia, Trump

Maxine Waters on Trump: ‘He Is Putin’s Apprentice’

Rep. Maxine Waters blasted President Donald Trump and Republicans on AM Joy  on Sunday (July 22), saying…

Maxine Waters

Maxine Waters Imagines Trump Going to Prison in Dreamy Poem

California congresswoman Maxine Waters isn’t letting up on her push to impeach Trump anytime soon.…

Voter Suppression

Facebook Account ‘Blacktivist’ Reportedly Used by Russians to Heighten Racial Tensions

Among the content posted to Blacktivist were videos of police killings, marches for racial justice and the Black Panthers’ 50th anniversary party.

Putin Says Trump Didn’t Pass Russia Secrets, Offers Transcript As Proof

Russia President, Vladimir Putin, said that President Trump did not divulge any secrets during a…


Trump Uses ‘Mother of All Bombs’ on Afghanistan Cave — 5 Things to Ponder

The Trump political machine seems to be transforming into the Trump war machine with the…


World War III? And Other Questions About Trump’s Attack on Syria

As expected, the entire world reacted to President Trump ordering airstrikes against Syrian strategic targets…

April Ryan

Journalist April Ryan Shook Her Head “In Disbelief” at WH Press Secretary’s Remarks

April Ryan, an American Urban Radio Networks correspondent, may now be the most well-known member…

James Comey

Trump Associates Probed by FBI for Possible Ties to Russia

FBI Director James Comey confirmed the bureau is investigating possible links between Russia and President…