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Families of R. Kelly’s Alleged Sex Slaves Involved in Sexual Misconduct Docuseries

The sexual misconduct allegations that have hovered over R. Kelly throughout much of his career will be the subject of not only a new Lifetime movie but of a docuseries produced by the network. As a part of its Violence Against Women public affairs campaign, Lifetime will feature programming designed to teach women how to spot

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Father of R. Kelly ‘Victim’ Says Race Plays A Role in Investigation

The father of a 20-year-old woman who is believed to be part of R. Kelly’s alleged “sex cult” told TMZ that things would be different if she and the women who he claims are with her were white. Angelo Clary spoke with TMZ. He told the outlet that Azriel Clary, his 20-year-old daughter, is one

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During TV Appearance, R. Kelly Accuser Jeronda Pace Comes Forward

A woman who came forward claiming to be a former member of R. Kelly’s alleged “sex cult” said the singer would “lock you in a room for days” during an appearance on The Real. In an exclusive interview with Buzzfeed last month, Jerhonda Pace, 24, said she first met the “Ignition” singer at 15 on his

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R. Kelly ‘Cult’ Scandal Heats Up As Woman Comes Forward

A woman who says she met with and starting sleeping with famed music legend, R. Kelly, at just 16 has come forward to tell her story. In 2008, Jerhonda Johnson was a sophomore in high school. In an exclusive interview with Buzzfeed, she told the news outlet how she would cut class daily to attend

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Fulton Official Call for Investigation into Alleged R. Kelly Ran ‘Cult’

A family’s claims that R. Kelly is the mastermind behind a brainwashed sex cult full of young, impressionable women have led one Fulton County official to call for an investigation into the allegations. According to TMZ, Fulton County Chairman, John Eaves, says the Johns Creek Police Department has found new evidence against the Grammy Award-winning


John Singleton Defends R. Kelly: ‘He Has a Bunch of Girlfriends’

Famed director, John Singleton, sees nothing wrong with how R. Kelly is living his life. Last week, the R&B genius became wrapped up in scandal after the parents of three women accused him of keeping their daughters in a “sex cult.” But Singleton argues the women are all grown and are making adult decisions. During

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