shades of beauty

Burned and Beautiful: Shalom Nchom in #PerfectlyMe Campaign

While in her mother’s restaurant in Nigeria, a pan of stifling hot oil fell off a counter and landed on nine-year-old-Shalom Nchom, causing severe burns on her face, head, shoulders and parts of her arms. Nchom spent four months in the hospital recovering and after being released, her life changed forever. “I started getting bullied and


[Shades of Beauty] My Mother Taught Me My ‘Hairitage’

There is a dance that my mother and I used to do.  Our routine was full of precise loops, under-slides and elongated finishes.  Where she led, I followed.  If she asked me to turn around, I did.  But this dance didn’t take place a dance floor.  Instead, center stage, was my head of hair.  And

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