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ABC Approves ‘Roseanne’ Spin-Off Without Roseanne Barr

Anyone concerned for the cast and crew of Roseanne losing their jobs because of leading lady Roseanne Barr should find relief in knowing ABC has approved 10 episodes of a spin-off sans the controversial comic. The initial reboot of Roseanne was cancelled following Barr describing former Obama aide Valerie Jarrett in a racist and Islamophobic manner, calling her the

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TV Has Been White-Ish Forever,So Keep Your ‘Black-Ish’ Boycott, Trump

As far as sitcoms go, blackish is as innocuous as any other family show featured on ABC. The father, played by Anthony Anderson, is more post-rapping and hood movie-making Ice Cube than pre-Law & Order: SVU Ice T. The mama, played by Tracee Ellis Ross, is pretty much the sweet, medicine-practicing daughter that Cliff Huxtable

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‘F-Bomb’ on ‘Modern Family’ Reflects Modern Times

Censorship is a strange beast. We can turn on our TVs tonight and watch a couple forensic scientists flirt with each other while examining a disemboweled corpse, but if those same two scientists were to make love later that day, the sex would be implied but not actually shown. This isn’t just a network TV phenomenon either. Cable, where