Why I now say “no” to street harassment cat calling

Fellas, Street Harassment is Never the Way to Hit on Women

by Lincoln Anthony Blades   Mar 28, 2017

Recently, while browsing through my Twitter timeline, I came across a raw, heartfelt and insightful thread from @PiaGlenn that very plainly described everything wrong... Read More

male ego

Fragile Male Egos Are Not Only Unattractive, They’re Dangerous

by LaSha   Sep 30, 2016

My husband and I will be celebrating our fifth anniversary in just a few months, but I’ve been “married” much longer. When I was 20, I... Read More

Why I now say “no” to street harassment cat calling

Breaking Up with Street Harassment

by Veralyn Williams   Apr 02, 2015

Fifteen-year-old Veralyn would have chuckled at the idea of one day organizing to stop street harassment. I vividly remember the moment I realized my... Read More

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Why Black Men Must Take Responsibility for Ending Street Harassment of Black Women

by Jasson Perez   Nov 18, 2014

Despite what some brothers may have you believe, street harassment is not some petty White women's issue that Black men can dismiss. The horrible... Read More

What You NEED to Know About Street Harassment

What You NEED to Know About Street Harassment

by Jamilah Lemieux   Oct 30, 2014

The now-infamous video of a young White woman walking the streets of New York City is a bad place to start trying to understand street... Read More

 'Even If You Don't Like It, You're Supposed to Appear That You Do'

Black Women and Street Harassment

by The Atlantic   Jul 29, 2014

In what ways do you feel that Black women are particularly vulnerable? We've been talking about the perception that Black women can't really be... Read More

Street Harassment: The Black Girl’s Bar Mitzvah

How Street Harassment is a Rite of Passage for Black Girls

by #teamEBONY   Jul 10, 2014

Ask any Black woman you know, and she’ll probably tell you street harassment has happened to her. Ask any teenage Black girl you know,... Read More

Why does everyone expect women to smile all the time?

Why Women Are Asked to Smile

by Slate   Jun 18, 2013

Back in April the comedy website Funny or Die created a PSA video about a dire condition afflicting a subset of women: Bitchy Resting Face.... Read More

Street Artist Schools Men on the Dangers of Catcalling

Street Artist Schools Men on the Dangers of Catcalling

by Jo Nubian   Apr 11, 2013

We have to continually discuss street harassment because it is an issue that plagues the lives of women all over the world, still, in... Read More

Street Harassment: Catcalling and Rape Culture

Street Harassment: Catcalling and Rape Culture

by Zerlina Maxwell   Apr 10, 2013

This week is the 2nd annual International Anti-Street Harassment Week.  Founded by Holly Kearl, International Anti-Street Harassment week has the goal of bringing awareness... Read More