Yoga and Black Men: Why Brothers Should Make the Stretch

Though yoga may not be seen as somthing practiced by many Black people, and men in particular, one brother extols its virtues in this reposted October 2016 article.

How to Have an Amazing Day on Purpose

Chill out! Hit the beach, go to a spa, take a long lunch break. On National Relaxation Day, August 15, 2019, we are revisiting this January 2018 article offering tips on how to unwind.

Study: Mental Health of Transgender Individuals Under Stress

Transgender adults are more likely to have thoughts of suicide than other sector of adults…

african american woman workout fatigue

4 Ways to Fight Workout Burnout

Everyone gets burnt out after awhile of using the same training routine. I mean, it’s…

Food Deserts Aren’t the Problem

More Fruit and Veggies in Poor Neighborhoods Don’t Help Obesity Rates

Unfortunately, more fresh food closer to home likely does nothing for folks at the bottom…

Activists March In New York City To Protest Police Brutality

Racism is Bad for Our Bodies

Trial in the federal class action lawsuit on the NYPD's stop-and-frisk policy, Floyd, et al. v.…