Pastor Charged With Murdering Transgender Woman in Detroit

Pastor Charged With Murdering Transgender Woman in Detroit

Prosecutors charged a Detroit pastor with murdering a 36-year-old transgender woman on Monday, the Associated…

‘The Breakfast Club’ And All Its Problematic Banter: Is It Time For A Boycott?

After a slew of transphobic comments on Friday from one of their guests, some people are calling for a boycott of the show.

Janet Mock And Laverne Cox Check The Entirety Of Lil Duval’s Existence

Don’t come for the trans community and the trans community won’t come for you.

Laverne Cox CeCe McDonald

Support Caitlyn AND Laverne AND Cece:What You Must Know About Black Trans Women

This year, there have been no less than 9 reported murders of trans women of…

Hate in the Pulpit

Hate in the Pulpit

“If folks would get themselves in line with God’s word, then Black lives would matter…we…

Joseline Hernandez

Love and Hip-Hop and Transphobia

Three things are usually on my television:  news, sports, and reality tv. I enjoy reality…