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Political Spat Between Trump and Rep. John Lewis Turns Into Verbal Brawl

Normally the countdown to the inauguration of a new president is filled with anticipation of what’s coming next, but this is no ordinary change of power. What’s encircled it is the type of controversy that has followed President-elect Donald Trump through his campaign and could remain present throughout his Oval Office tenure. The prelude was


#ShootYourShot: A Lesson from Woman’s Uber Driver Dalliance

So the Internet is blowing up about a story that Kelli Amirah, a 19-year-old college student,who was lovestruck after ordering up an Uber. Kelli, who posted the story under the handle @kelliAmirah, wanted more than a ride from her Über driver. As soon as she saw him, she immediately went into planning mode on how

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Was Miko Grimes’ Twitter Rant at Sage Steele Fair?

How many of you remember when Ayesha Curry, wife of MVP Stephen Curry, tweeted that cryptic tweet after her husband’s team lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers in game six of the NBA Finals? The cringeworthy tweet alluded to the NBA being rigged, which of course left Curry to answer questions about some pretty strong allegations

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Talib Kweli to Twitter Trolls: ‘Bring it on’

Talib Kweli Greene doesn’t need this. The 41-year-old, Brooklyn-born MC — who goes by his first and middle names — is one of the most critically-acclaimed rappers working today. He tours both constantly and internationally. He’s dropped 14 albums, with a 15th, “Tour Da Force,” coming out next year. And yet, if you go to

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The Kendra Childs Murder: 5 Things We Know Right Now

Kendra Childs, the Houston mother of a two-year-old child was killed a day before her 20th birthday and police are looking for suspects and a motive in a story that has caused a huge social media outcry. Not much information is available about the case and a police investigation is ongoing, but here is what

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#BoycottNFL Sparks Fierce Debate About Race & Constitutional Rights

If you thought the conversation around Colin Kaepernick’s decision to sit during the national anthem would have died down by now, you were wrong. As the San Francisco 49ers quarterback continues to take a knee during the playing of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” more and more players have joined him. Thursday night, Denver Broncos star Brandon Marshall also kneeled during the

Celebrate Black Magic with #Blackoutday

It can start to feel like Blackness is constantly under attack with the patriotism of brown skinned folks constantly questioned and their lives consistently endangered by law enforcement. And then there’s this foolery from Amy Schumer today. In that climate, it’s nice to be able to form bonds with people who not only know your

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This Just In. Malia Obama Seen Acting Like a Teenage Girl

For my 18th birthday, one of my best friends bought tickets for us to see Jay-Z. I was so excited to be going to my first concert as an adult. I wore a halter top and jeans so tight you could read the date on a quarter in my pocket through the denim. We showed

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#FamousMelaniaTrumpQuotes Brings Out Black Twitter’s Best Shade

In the year of our #LEMONADE, we should know by now that you don’t play with Black women and you certainly don’t steal from them. That remains especially true for our First Lady, Michelle Obama. The highlight of the first day of the Republican National Convention was Melania Trump — and not for a good

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According to Twitter, Beyoncé Has a Thing For King James

If you’re not on Twitter, you definitely miss out some seriously hilarious moments. So far, folks on the social networking platform have turned everything from Thanksgiving and cookouts with Black families, to political debates and TV shows into a collective belly laugh. As the NBA season winds down, this time around folks are having a little

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[The Upload] Twitter Was HERE for Bozoma Saint John’s #BlackGirlMagic

Last year, Apple was praised for commissioning not one, but two women to address attendees at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference. In keeping up with the trend, the corporation selected Apple Music’s Head of Global Consumer Marketing to speak at the conference. And boy did Bozoma Saint John impress. According to NY Mag, the marketing