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GOP Bill to Cut $40 Billion From Food Stamps

The House approved a Republican plan on Thursday to cut food stamps by some $40 billion over the next ten years. The measure was approved 217 to 210, without the support of a single Democrat. 15 Republicans also voted against the bill. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that nearly four million people would be removed


Bad Grades, Less TANF Aid?

If there is a hell, I hope there is a special section for poor-bashing politicians. I’d like to make a booking, and after you hear about what some Tennessee lawmakers are up to, you’ll probably want to chip in. Maybe we can get a collection going and send them off with some sweaters to sweat

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Mitt Romney,Welfare Cheat

Before he knew what former President Clinton would say before the thousands of people in attendance at the Democratic National Convention and the millions watching at home on Wednesday, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney thought it would be a great idea to revisit a lie involving Clinton the day prior. In an interview with Fox

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POLITICS AS (UN)USUAL:This Week in Politics

A look at the political week that was… Mitt Romney’s national press secretary Andrea Saul makes huge gaffe by touting Romneycare (Romney’s health care plan in Massachusetts that mirrors Obamacare) in interview with Fox News and now conservatives want her to be fired.  Interesting how it’s seen as a gaffe for the Romney camp to

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[OPINION] Who Needs To Be Taught the Dignity of Work?

Forty-four years ago, the Poor People's Campaign came to Washington, D. C. to demand jobs, health care, and decent housing. The protestors arrived on May 12, 1968 and set up a shantytown encampment called Resurrection City on the National Mall, which lasted for six weeks. The campaign picked up where Martin Luther King, Jr. left

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‘Melissa Harris Perry’ Takes on the Welfare Myth

This weekend, MSNBC’s Melissa Harris Perry challenged the welfare myth with guests including Columbia University’s Dorian Warren, University of Pennsylvania’s Anthea Butler,’s Faiz Shakir, and George Mason University’s Bill Schneider. The panelists discussed how the narrative surrounding welfare changes significantly depending on the economy. [CLICK HERE TO WATCH]

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Ron Paul Calls Secret Service “Welfare”

Given his libertarian roots, it comes as no surprise that would-be GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul would call for the end of the U.S. government’s Secret Service program. What was surprising, though, is the word he used to describe this practice. Paul, who stopped by the “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” Tuesday night, spoke out against Secret

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Welfare Drug Testing Bill Withdrawn After Amended To Include Testing Lawmakers

Last Friday, Indiana state Rep. Jud McMillin withdrew his bill to create a pilot program that would test potential welfare recipients for drug usage, an idea that was struck down in a similar fashion in Florida last year. (The Florida Department of Children and Families found that only 2.5 percent of almost 2,000 welfare recipients tested positive

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