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eric benet

Eric Benét on Ignorant Rappers & White Supremacy: You’re Being Used to Destroy Us!

by Jessica Bennett   Aug 06, 2018

R&B crooner Eric Benét is the latest celeb to call out the more ignorant of hip hop artists for promoting negativity within the Black... Read More

Dr. Dov Bechhofer, White supremacist, New York Doctor,

New York Doctor Apologizes After Making Racist Comments on White Supremacist Site

by Teddy Grant   Jul 30, 2018

A White Jewish New York doctor has apologized for making comments online in support of white nationalism, ABC 7 NY reports. Dr. Dov Bechhofer... Read More


‘Unite the Right’ Anniversary Rally Planned for D.C.

by Teddy Grant   Jun 21, 2018

The organizer who planned the deadly Charlottesville, Virginia, rally last year has received approval for a second “Unite the Right” rally, according to NPR. The... Read More

James Byrd Jr.

Twenty Years Ago, James Byrd Jr. Was Lynched in Texas

by Teddy Grant   Jun 07, 2018

Thursday marks the 20th anniversary of the death of James Byrd Jr., a Black man who was tied to the back of a pickup truck... Read More

Charles Manson’s Failed Attempts to Start a Race War

Charles Manson’s Failed Attempts to Start a Race War

by Zahara Hill   Nov 20, 2017

For 46 years, murderer Charles Manson regarded himself as superior to the Black offenders with whom he shared the degenerating living conditions of prison facilities.... Read More

Munroe Bergdorf

Model Fired From L’Oréal For Condemning White Supremacy Lands Gig At Rival Company

by Zahara Hill   Sep 13, 2017

In late August, L'Oréal Paris U.K. fired its first transgender model Munroe Bergdorf after she made a social media post speaking to the realities of White supremacy. Read More

Jemele Hill

ESPN Anchor Responds To Backlash After Calling Trump A ‘White Supremacist’

by Zahara Hill   Sep 13, 2017

Wonder if these folks were as upset about Trump being called a white supremacist as they were after his mild-mannered response to the white supremacy that flooded Charlottesville in August. Read More

Robert W. Lee

Descendant Of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee Denounces Racism At VMA’s

by Zahara Hill   Aug 28, 2017

Reverned Robert W. Lee, the descendant of Confederate Robert Lee, appeared at the MTV VMA's on Sunday where he spoke out against racism. Read More

10-Day March Against White Supremacy Kicks Off In Charlottesville

10-Day March Against White Supremacy Kicks Off In Charlottesville

by Zahara Hill   Aug 28, 2017

In light of Donald Trump's inaction surrounding the white supremacy, civil rights organizations assembled a 10-day march which commenced on Monday. Read More


Kamala Harris Would Like It If Congress Discussed White Supremacy For More Than A Day

by Zahara Hill   Aug 23, 2017

“No legislator should be allowed to condemn white supremacist violence on one day and simply turn a blind eye on the next," Kalama Harris said. Read More